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Offering a deep understanding of people management and marketing, our team has a track record of award winning work in employer branding and our recruitment background means we have real time access to candidates thoughts and needs – it’s like an ‘always on’ focus group which tells you exactly what candidates are feeling about joining your company.

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Employer branding is changing the way candidates' and employees view where they work. It’s making recruitment and retention increasingly challenging because people are now comparing workplaces with the same scrutiny that they apply to products and services. So, to succeed in today’s employment marketplace you need an attractive employer brand.

We believe that organisations attract and retain a higher calibre of people at a lower cost when their employer brand is distinct and desirable. The result is a more attractive company image, better candidates, happier and more engaged people, a better reputation and improved business performance.

What we do

We work with SME’s to help them define their employer brand by providing high quality consultancy. We identify the conditions that create employee desirability and identify areas to improve that experience. We help them articulate, then implement, their employer brand, aligned to the business vision and share that through appropriate communications channels and tools. We monitor your employer brand to keep momentum up and ensure continuous improvement & cost savings in recruitment & retention.


Employee Insight, 360 degree audit & analysis


Your distinctive Employer Value Proposition


Implementation & communication


Measure & optimise over time

Our toolkit helps you enhance the employee experience

The team

Nicki Denholm

Nicki Denholm was the pioneer of specialist sales and marketing recruitment, and has developed an unrivalled network at senior levels in Scotland and beyond. She successfully launched and developed Denholm into a widely respected and leading player within the UK market for providing top talent in sales and marketing. She currently heads up the Denholm Marketing Recruitment Group, encompassing Executive Search, Recruitment and Talent Attraction.

John Denholm

John started his career in marketing at Boots and Scottish & Newcastle. In 1984, he co-founded the Leith Agency. After the agency became part of the Cello Group, John joined Denholm Associates as Managing Director.

He has been a member of the Scottish Arts Council, Chair of the joint Marketing Committee of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014, and was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2007 Scottish Advertising Awards. He is currently a Fellow of the Marketing Society in Scotland.

No two workplaces are the same, that’s why we bring an array of strategic research, marketing, HR, people and creative tools into play as and when we need them.
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